hey i just found out i have this spot in the shape of a little heart on my left tit wow

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Anonymous asked: You're sooo funny, sweet and hugable! Can I be your friend forever?! <3

Yes. Yes you can. OFFCOUUURZZZZ you can. Now please come and collect your infinite amount of hugs, YAY

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Kite City - concept art for Guild Wars 2

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Your Body Is Beautiful And You Are A G o d d e s s 

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*hears one second of sound from a lotr movie* are you watching lord of the rings

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no one has a crush on me. i am too strong to be crushed


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when u draw somethin really good outa no where like


wtf where did that come from hand? ?? ?

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11 questions thing

Rule 1: Always post the rules

Rule 2: Answer the questions from the person who tagged you, and write 11 new ones.

~ Rule 3: Tag- Msmelizzy can do it I don’t know any more people besides the ones fresh-orangejuice has already tagged.

~ Rule 4: Actually tell them you tagged them.

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1) Favorite band/artist

Two steps form Hell, Imagine Dragons and Marina and the Diamonds

2) The coolest book you ever read

The Davinci Code totally blew 14-year old me away..

3) All time fave food


4) tv series that made you feel the most emotions

My Mad Fat Diary

5) 5 favorite songs

- Demons - Imagine Dragons
- Into the West - Annie Lennox
- Norwegian Pirate - Two Steps from Hell
- California Dreamin’ - The Mamas & the Papas
- Champagne Supernova - Oasis

6) Best movie you’ve ever seen

Oh jesus bloody christ.. Ok I have lot of favorite movies but they’re not all neccesarily good.. I think Forrest Gump is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen.

7) Celebrity crush

Tom fucking Hiddleston and Lee fucking Pace.

8) Favorite fictional character

Loki, Thranduil, Trahearne, Basically all of destiny’s edge, Rumplestiltskin, Ned the Piemaker, Lyra Belaqua, Groot, M’aiq the Liar etc. etc. too many bye

9) Favorite fictional world

Tyria! Or the world from His Dark Materials..

10) some cool quote/lyrics

When it comes to besting the enemy, there’s no such thing as overkill.

11) Who’s your tumblr crush


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All you had to do was ask… (◕‿◕。)

p.s. I love how the second-in-command can disappear for a year and he’s just like “I noticed”. 

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